Profiling the brain
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Revolutionizing CNS development
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The Inner Workings of the Central Nervous System is Something to Behold.

And Now We Can Keep Up Thanks to Our Proprietary NETSseq Platform.

CNS Revolution

Cerevance is a revolutionary pharmaceutical company using the proprietary NETSseq platform to develop novel, symptomatic and disease modifying therapies for CNS disorders.

The Power of Identity

Using human data, machine learning, and a proprietary dataset, NETSseq exquisitely identifies novel targets that are expressed in single cell types or are changed in disease.

Precise and Profound

Cerevance is able to generate a picture of disease that is unique, actionable, and offers precision in a way never previously seen with CNS diseases.

A New Approach to Benefit Patients

Novel precision neuroscience therapeutic options to potentially provide leading efficacy without adverse events often attributed to off-target effects.

Tackling Tough CNS Problems

Using the NETSseq platform, Cerevance is advancing one of the broadest pipelines in the CNS space.


The NETSseq Platform identifies what our scientists previously could not “see” with traditional methods.

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Our Pipeline

Explore our advanced precision neuroscience pipeline with some of the most promising targets for the next generation of treatments for CNS disorders.

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