NETSseq: Precision Neuroscience

Landmark discoveries for the next generation of treatments for CNS diseases

Proprietary NETSseq platform precisely identifies most promising targets for novel treatments

(Nuclear Enriched Transcript Sort sequencing)

NETSseq Innovation


Assess targets that are circuit specific or significantly changed in disease for potential novel mechanisms of action

NETSseq Target identification process

One of the World's Largest Proprietary Brain Tissue Databases


Human brain cell types in which RNA is deeply sequenced


Human brain tissue samples

Control - Disease Matching

Identification of potential drug targets and pathways most impacted in CNS diseases

45 Trillion

Base pairs sequenced

>100 TB

Data generated

Novel Genetic Support

Used in conjunction with ATACseq / eQTL that links targets to SNPs which increases the understanding of disease and helps identify novel targets of promise

Cerevance is identifying the most promising targets for the next generation of treatments for CNS disorders.

Key Publications

NETSseq Background

Species and cell-type properties of classically defined human and rodent neurons and glia

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Cerevance Therapy Targeting KCNK13

Characterisation of C101248: A novel selective THIK-1 channel inhibitor for the modulation of microglial NLRP3-inflammasome

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