First in class, potent, brain penetrant, non-dopaminergic, GPR6 inverse agonist

Restore balance by regulating just one side of brain circuitry – the indirect pathway

CVN424 targets GPR6 to release the "brake" on movement and restore balance so patients with Parkinson's disease can live with less OFF time.

GPR6 target findings

GPR6, a novel gene, was highly selectively expressed in striatal medium spiny neurons only on the indirect pathway of the basal ganglia circuit as demonstrated by the NETSseq platform below.

signaling pathways in Healthy brain versus brain with parkinson's

Flooding the brain with dopamine replacement (L-DOPA) (or treating patients with drugs that act on dopamine receptors) is NOT precise enough and can cause side effects.

CVN424 offers a novel way of treating Parkinson's disease without the side effects seen with current therapies.


OFF Time

CVN424 significantly reduces OFF time (1.5-hour reduction) compared to placebo

CVN424 off time graph


CVN424 improves experience of daily living

UPDRS Part 2

Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS)

CVN424 improves daytime alertness

Epworth Sleepiness Scale


Well tolerated with few adverse effects and without dopaminergic adverse events

CVN424 safety chart

Adjunctive &

CVN424 is being developed for use across the spectrum of Parkinson's disease, both as an adjunctive treatment as well as for monotherapy use. Cerevance is currently conducting a Phase 2 study in early, untreated patients with Parkinson's disease with topline data expected in Q4 2024. This study will also demonstrate the potential benefit of CVN424 in benefiting quality of life/non-motor symptoms. Cerevance will also initiate a Phase 3 study of CVN424 as an adjunctive treatment in the second half of 2024.